How to find Lost Cargo in Death Stranding

Learn the ins and outs of tracking down valuable Lost Cargo so you can finish delivering it in Death Stranding.


While you’ll spend a good deal of time completing various Orders in Death Stranding, all along the trail you’re also liable to come across Lost Cargo. In a world as dangerous as Sam Porter Bridges’, where Timefalls can happen at any time, and BTs could be around every corner, cargo often falls short of its final destination. This is where Porters like Sam come into play, as they can find this Lost cargo and turn it in to the places that it was being delivered to. In this guide we’ll discuss how to find Lost Cargo, how to entrust other players with Lost Cargo, and even discuss the benefits of taking some extra time to track down missing cargo.

What is Lost Cargo in Death Stranding?

Sam isn’t the only delivery expert in Death Stranding, and all around the world, players will be able to find missing packages or Lost Cargo that has been unable to find its way to its final destination. Whether the original porters died, or just had to flee without the cargo, there’s plenty around to pick up, and finding enough of it will allow you to increase your Likes and Connection with the various Distribution Points around the map.

What is Lost cargo
Lost cargo is cargo packages that were dropped along the way to their delivery destination.

Lost Cargo is essentially a side event that players can take part in. These pieces can be found scattered around the various parts of the world that Sam will explore along his journey, and taking some time to find a few pieces of cargo every couple of hours isn’t a bad idea.

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How to find Lost cargo

Finding Lost Cargo all comes down to making use of your Odradek. This is the scanner that Sam carried on his left shoulder and a key part of Sam’s equipment. By pressing R1 on the DualShock 4 controller, players can scan a large portion of the environment around them for Lost Cargo, points of interest, and other things.

When Lost Cargo is picked up by the Odradek, it will become marked on the HUD with information about where it needs to go and what kind of cargo it is. You can then choose to pick up these various items along the way and return them to the destination that they were headed for before they were lost. This, as we mentioned above, is a great way to earn additional Likes, and even get your hands on more materials and the sort.

Death Stranding - how to find lost cargo
Lost cargo appears when using the scanner on the Odradek.

How to entrust other players with Lost Cargo

If for some reason you can’t complete the journey yourself, you can always return Lost Cargo to a Postbox for other players to pick it up and complete the delivery. This won’t earn you as many likes as turning it in yourself would, but it is a good way to help out other players and get some additional packages delivered if you can’t make the trip yourself.

This is one of the many multiplayer features that Death Stranding has scattered throughout it, and it really helps to create a world that feels connected and thriving. You can also entrust Lost Cargo that you’ve found to players from other Distribution Points, so keep an eye out when looking at new Orders or just gathering some additional supplies from the Fabricator.

Now that you know how to find Lost Cargo, you can get out there and help bring the world all of its packages. We also suggest returning to our Death Stranding guide, where you’ll find helpful articles like how to get a vehicle as well as other strategy content.

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