How to pee in Death Stranding

Everything that you need to know about how to pee in Death Stranding, as well as why it matters.


While Sam Bridges might be a legend in the world of Death Stranding, he is still human. That means he’s going to have to worry about your everyday things, like eating, drinking, and even peeing. In this guide we’ll show you how to pee in Death Stranding, something that you’ll need to do quite a bit as you traverse the rocky landscape as Sam Bridges, delivering packages and drinking Monster Energy drinks.

While this guide focuses on early-game mechanics, we do want to stress that there may be some early chapter spoilers included below. Please read at your own discretion.

How to pee in Death Stranding

As it stands, there are a couple of different ways for Sam to relieve himself in Death Stranding. The first way you’ll need to know is via the toilet in his Private Room.

The Private Room is unlocked early in the game, and once you have access to it, you can visit it to customize Sam’s outfit, take pictures in the mirror, slam back some Monsters (Sam will be drinking plenty of those in his time out on the road), or even bathe and use the bathroom. To pee in Sam’s Private Room, spin the camera around and locate the bathroom. At this point, you’ll see a few different button combinations up on the screen. There are two options for using the toilet. You can either stand or sit.

Death Stranding - how to pee in private room
You can use the Private Room's built-in facilities to pee, shower, and do other things.

Choose to stand and use the bathroom to have Sam pee in his Private Room. The nice thing about using the Private Room is that later on, the people at Bridges will create weapons like grenades with your excretions, allowing you to fight back against the BTs.

Make sure you also know how to bathe in Death Stranding, as Sam will want to look clean and slick while out on business.

If you aren’t able to make it somewhere with a Private Room, Sam can always take care of his business on the go. When out exploring the world, press the Right button on the d-pad. This will bring up the equipment menu. From the right-hand side of the menu, move up and select the Urinate option. You’ll also be able to see how much urine Sam has built up when you do this.

How to pee on the go in Death Stranding
You can urinate at any point while making your way through the world in Death Stranding.

To pee, find a good spot and then press and hold L2. This will cause Sam to unzip his pants and then you can press and hold R2 to let loose. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like peeing does anything special out in the world, aside from causing a weird looking mushroom to grow. So far, we haven’t discovered any other positives or negatives to the process, but we’ll be sure to update this article should that change.

Now that you know how to pee in Death Stranding, you can head back over to our complete Death Stranding guide for more in-depth content surrounding Kojima’s latest game.


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