How to fast travel in Death Stranding

Learn how to fast travel between cities and distribution points in Death Stranding.


There’s no doubt that players will have quite a trek ahead of them as they set out along their journey in Death Stranding. For a good majority of the game’s opening hours, you’ll be climbing across mountains, hoofing it through valleys, and enjoying the vistas around you. But, if you want to skip some of that, and cut down on the number of BTs you’re running into, you can always make use of a nifty fast travel system built into Sam’s Private Room.

This article contains minor spoilers for Death Stranding. Continue reading at your own discretion.

How to fast travel in Death Stranding

Fast travel in Death Stranding is a bit different than fast traveling in a lot of open-world games. Instead of simply being able to click on points from anywhere in the world, Sam will need to be inside of his Private Room at one of the distribution centers located throughout the country. The fast travel system will unlock shortly after players reach Lake Knot City, a big turning point in the game.

How to fast travel in Death Stranding
Players will unlock the ability to fast travel during Death Stranding Chapter 3.

Once you have unlocked the fast travel option, you’ll be able to transport yourself between Private Rooms at the different cities and distribution centers you’ve unlocked along the way. The kicker here, though, is that you won’t be able to take any of the items you have on you with you. If you were hoping to make a quick delivery between two places, you’re going to find yourself a bit disappointed. Make sure to take a moment and save your game if you haven't already.

It is nice to be able to jump between locations, though, and it makes going back to places like Port Knot City much easier as you advance through the game. You can always return to locations you’ve already visited to pick up new orders, you’ll just need to make use of your feet or the vehicles and tools that Sam later acquires if you want to deliver those items across long treks.

Now that you know how to fast travel, head back over to our Death Stranding guide for even more helpful content to assist you along Sam’s journey.

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