First Overwatch 2 gameplay revealed at BlizzCon 2019

BlizzCon attendees got their first taste of Overwatch 2 gameplay during the presentation's keynote.


Moments after the official Overwatch 2 was announced, Blizzard saw fit to introduce a tasty new morsel of gameplay, the first we've seen from the sequel yet. And we're all the more grateful for it, since sometimes we have to wait several weeks for gameplay following an announcement. 

After debuting a lengthy cinematic before unveiling Overwatch 2, Jeff Kaplan showed off a new clip of the game, which gave us plenty of new tidbits about what to expect from this next iteration of Overwatch.

The most exciting thing about this new gameplay is undoubtedly the fact that Blizzard revealed we'll be getting four-player story missions as well as hero missions that take place in a variety of new locales. There's even a cool new feature that lets you pick up grenades, shields, or healing packs in the story missions.

You can also level up your individual heroes over the course of the game in hero and story missions. Nothing has changed inPvP modes, however. Those will still remain largely the same, apparently, except for a few new heroes. Sojourn is one of them, but we don't know when we can expect her just yet.

Interestingly enough, the game will also feature a new core mode called Push, which will be set in the city of Toronto. This location is a series first. Players can vie in matches of Push there, where both teams battle for control over a robot that's tasked with moving an object from one side of the map to the other.

We don't yet have a release date for the game just yet, but these new additions certainly make it seem like an exciting prospect.

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