How to spend Gold Coins in Luigi's Mansion 3

Learn how to spend Gold Goins and buy various items in Luigi's Mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch.


As you play through Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’re going to find yourself collecting quite a few Gold Coins along the way. At first, you can’t really do anything with these coins, however you’ll soon be able to purchase various items from Professor E. Gadd’s shop. This guide will outline everything you need to know to spend Gold Coins in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to spend Gold Coins in Luigi’s Mansion 3

While you start earning Gold Coins early in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you won’t be able to do anything with them until after you run into Professor E. Gadd. Once you’ve rescued the Professor, you can then access his Lab, a special HUB area where you’ll find places to deposit ghosts from the Poltergust G-00, as well as where you can access multiplayer and other features in the game.

Once you’ve unlocked the lab, continue exploring until E. Gadd calls you back to the lab again. At this point, he’ll unlock the shop, a special place where you can unlock items like Gold Bones, Boo Finders, and Gem Finders. These all require 1,000 Gold Coins to purchase, which means you’re going to need to gather as many coins as you can, and save them up, so you can purchase the items you want.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - how to spend Gold Coins
The shopping network offers a few different items you can purchase.

When purchased, Gold Bones will allow Luigi to respawn in the same instance. It’s a useful way to ensure you don’t die in the middle of a boss fight and end up with a game over. On the other end, Boo Finders and Gem Finders make it much easier to locate the various collectibles in Luigi’s Mansion 3, as you’ll have items marked on the map, making it simpler to track them down.

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