Does Luigi's Mansion 3 have online co-op or multiplayer?

Learn more about the co-op and multiplayer features, and whether it includes online capabilities in Luigi's Mansion 3.


Getting ready to dive into Luigi’s Mansion 3 on your Nintendo Switch? You’ve probably got a few questions before you take on Luigi’s latest adventure. In this guide we’ll answer one of the more pressing questions on everyone’s mind, does Luigi’s Mansion 3 have online co-op or multiplayer?

Luigi’s Mansion 3 online co-op and multiplayer details

If you’re looking forward to Luigi’s Mansion 3, and the idea of playing the game online with a friend, then you might find yourself a wee bit disappointed. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any set online co-op options available just yet. This means that you can only play with others in the main campaign from the same console. However, there is an online multiplayer mode, which you can dive into with up to four players across the web.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - co-op and online details
Luigi looks off into the distance for ghosts and ghouls.

Co-op mode, which focuses around Luigi and his new companion Gooigi allows two users to work through the various puzzles and floors of Luigi’s Mansion 3 from the same console and the Screampark will allow up to 8 users to dive into various minigames from the same Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking to play online with others, then ScareScraper is the mode that you’ll want to dive into, which focuses around completing various floors by working together with several of your friends.

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Unfortunately, the online multiplayer options for Luigi’s Mansion 3 are somewhat limited. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty on offer in Nintendo’s latest Switch release. Make sure you head back over to our Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide hub for even more great content surrounding the game. You’ll also want to check out our guide on how to play co-op, which will detail how to change over from solo mode.

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