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Apex Legends doubles its fun with limited-time Duos next week

Grab a partner, because Apex Legends is going from three-person teams to Duos for a limited time, starting next week.


Since its release, the free-to-play Apex Legends has been about surviving in three-person squads. Outside of a brief cup of coffee with solo mode in Season 2, Respawn's battle royale shooter hasn't stepped too far out of its comfort zone. However, on Wednesday, the studio announced that its game is about to offer a special way to play to kick off the month of November. It's planning to make its player base see double when Apex Legends adds a limited-time Duos mode.

November 5 will see Apex Legends officially add Duos mode. As its name implies, this takes the usual three-person teams and shortens their membership by one. That means more intimiate one-on-one communication and arguably a greater emphasis on tandem teamwork. It'll also mean players will have to adjust their strategies in regards to using Ultimate Abilities or other support abilities, since they'll only have to worry about supporting one other person. It's recommended that players jump in with friends, but for the more masochistic among you, you can jump into this mode with a random stranger and risk said stranger shouting at you for the entire match.

Those waiting to jump into Duos will have to wait for the current Fight or Fright Halloween event to come to a close. If you haven't jumped in yet, the holiday festivities include a limited-time mode called Shadowfall, where players jump into the Kings Canyon map at night and battle as they typically would. The key difference is that downed players return as zombies, able to hunt down the ranks of the living.

Fight of Flight ends on November 5, which is exactly when Duos is set to begin. Duos will only be available for a limited time, but there's no word on when that party will end. Stay tuned to the Apex Legends website for more information as it becomes available.

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