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Apex Legends Fight or Fright event includes zombie-driven Shadowfall

Apex Legends celebrates its first Halloween event with Fight or Fright, featuring a limited-time Shadowfall mode that introduces undead players.


Apex Legends is in an enviable position as of Monday. For the moment, it's one of the biggest battle royale games to not currently have its island sitting in the middle of a black hole. Things could change by the time this post goes up, but it's not likely. In fact, not only is Apex Legends not planning to send its world shooting straight into a singularity, the team at EA and Respawn are looking to celebrate its first Halloween event called Fight or Fright.

On Monday, Respawn detailed everything that players can expect from Apex Legends' inaugural Fight or Fright event. Beyond the standard battle royale mode, players can also jump into a limited-time game mode called Shadowfall. This game mode will see players do battle in Kings Canyon as they normally would, albeit at night. However, any players that die will immediately return as zombified versions of themselves. The undead players will be placed on the Shadow Squad side with no weapons or legend abilities, but with an increased movement speed. Zombie players can pick off living players and generally make nuisances of themselves, but without weapons, they'll be vulnerable, so make sure not to die... again.

Players can pick up various Halloween-themed content throughout the event. This includes skins, badges, and a music pack. And if there's a desire for more, then there's also premium content that can be purchased for a limited time, either directly, through Crafting Metals, or through random Event Apex Packs.

For those just hoping to make some headway and catch up with the rest of the pack, the Fight or Fright event is a good time to earn some additional XP. Players can earn double XP for Top 5's and victories throughout the event.

Apex Legends' Fight or Fright event is set to begin this Tuesday, October 15. It will run through November 5. More details can be found on the Apex Legends website.

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