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How to unlock the Pit of Heresy dungeon in Destiny 2

Discover the entrance to the Pit of Heresy, Destiny 2's latest challenging dungeon.


There’s a new dungeon to unlock in Destiny 2 and this one is called the Pit of Heresy. Make like the dungeon itself, the process of gaining access poses its own challenge. However, if you want to acquire some awesome new gear, like the Xenophage, you will first need to unlock the Pit of Heresy.

How to unlock the Pit of Heresy dungeon

Unlike the Shattered Throne dungeon, the Pit of Heresy is locked behind a short quest. You will need to visit Eris Morn on the Moon and pick up a quest called, The Deepening Wake. This is a short mission that tasks you with defeating Hive in a new encounter.

The Deepening Wake

Destiny 2 The Deepening Wake
Speak with Eris to get the Deepening Wake quest item. Travel to Sorrow's Harbor and participate in the new activity, Altars of Sorrow.
Travel to Sorrow’s Harbor on the Moon and investigate the Hive rituals happening there.

Go to Sorrow’s Harbor and participate in the new activity. You will need to open a Tier 3+ chest at the Altars of Sorrow and defeat 20 Nightmares at said altar. There are five waves in total, if you fail to defeat the final boss, it will take you back to the start of the fifth wave. To progress the waves, defeat enemies at each of the little domes and pay attention to what the on-screen message says you should do. Focus down the Nightmares wherever possible.

Destiny 2 Altars of Sorrow
You must clear at least a Tier 3 wave in order to complete The Deepening Wake.

You will need to clear at least the third wave in order to open a Tier 3 chest. Once all these steps are completed, return to Eris Morn at Sanctuary.

Destiny 2 start Pit of Heresy
Once the Deepening Wake quest is completed, speak with Eris to unlock the Pit of Heresy dungeon.

Speak with Eris Morn, she will tell you about the Hive rituals, what it means for the Daughters of Crota, and then direct you to search for the entrance to the Pit of Heresy. This last part is simple: open your map to find the dungeon added to the Sorrow’s Harbor region.

Now that you’ve unlocked the Pit of Heresy dungeon, you can dive into Destiny 2’s latest challenging piece of content. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for a wide range of guides for beginners and veterans alike.

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