Battlefield 5 Chapter 5 update introduces War in the Pacific

DICE's FPS gains two new factions, new weapons, and new maps nearly a year after its original release.


It has been a long time coming, but Battlefield 5 fans who have been patiently waiting to take the battle to the Pacific Theater of World War 2 will finally have their moment. The game’s Tides of War campaign has reached Chapter 5 and this new update includes a heavy focus on the battles between the United States and Japan that occurred during the later years of the Great War. War in the Pacific brings new weapons, maps, and playable factions to the multiplayer shooter nearly a year after its original release.

The inclusion of American and Japanese forces has been requested by players long before the game was released back in November of 2018. While the original set of content released with the game covered a large variety of World War 2 battles and theaters, the omission of the United States and Japanese forces was glaring. This new update marks the first appearance of the legendary M1 Garand rifle and the iconic “ping” noise it makes upon ejecting a spent clip.

Two new maps are set for release with the War in the Pacific update with a third map, an updated take on Wake Island, scheduled to arrive some time in December. The two maps available now are Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm. Iwo Jima is a large map that focuses on a beach invasion and offers wide-open areas for vehicular combat as well as trenches and bunkers for close-quarters engagements. Pacific Storm leans heavily into a naval combat focus, pitting teams against each other during an intense storm.

Battlefield V Chapter 5: War in the Pacific includes:

  • New maps: Iwo Jima, Pacific Storm, and, coming in December, Wake Island.
  • New factions: The U.S. and Japan.
  • New weapons including the M1 Garand and M1919A6.
  • New vehicles including the M4 Sherman tank and the F4U Corsair plane.
  • New stationary weapons.
  • New gadgets like the Katana and Flamethrower Battle Pickups.
  • New Chapter Rewards including weapons, soldier sets, weapon skins, and melee weapons.

The Full Battlefield 5 experience, including Chapter 5: War in the Pacific, will also be available as part of the free trial weekends on consoles and PC from November 1-4. You can learn more about The Tides of War Chapter 5 on the official website.

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