Borderlands 3 Homeopathological - stay peaceful or don't stay peaceful?

Learn what happens if you choose to stay peaceful or kill Tern in Borderlands 3's Homeopathological side quest.


There are plenty of quests for players to take on in Borderlands 3, and while many will require you to just go somewhere and shoot something, others will make you think. In the Homeopathological side quest, players will need to choose whether to “remain peaceful” or “don’t remain peaceful”. This guide will detail the results of both options so players can figure out which option they want to take.

As this side quest takes place in the later portions of the game, we would like to advise readers that this guide does contain some spoilers for late-game story progression. Continue reading at your own discretion.

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Borderlands 3 Homeopathological side quest - stay peaceful or don’t stay peaceful

Players can pick up the Homeopathological side quest by speaking with Sparrow on Nekrotafeyo, after they have completed the mission The First Vault Hunter. During this quest, players will need to track down an errant healer bot and recover Typhon De Leon’s research so that Maliwan can’t destroy the compound and kill everyone.

Borderlands 3 Homeopathological - stay peaceful or don’t stay peaceful?
You can find Sparrow near the Desolation's Edge fast travel point.

While most of the quest here is straightforward, players will find themselves face with quite a dilemma after they talk with Tern and open the box of Tranquility. At this point, Tern will begin to shoot the player, causing damage to them. You can either choose to stay peaceful or don’t stay peaceful. It’s really up to you how you want to proceed.

Stay peaceful:

If you choose to stay peaceful, wait for Tern to kill you. When you are dead, you’ll respawn at a respawn station, and you’ll be rewarded with the Memory Core so that you can return Typhon’s research to Sparrow.

Don't stay peaceful

If you choose don’t stay peaceful, then start shooting Tern and kill the healer bot. This will cause the Memory Core to drop, allowing you to pick it up. Return to Sparrow to complete the mission.

No matter which option you choose, you receive the Memory Core and the quest is concluded. For more help, make sure you head back over to our complete Borderlands 3 strategy guide and be sure to check out our other guide on the Maliwannabees quest, or even out guide to the best guns in Borderlands 3.

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