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Maliwannabees - kill Rax or Max in Borderlands 3

Can't figure out whether to kill Rax or Max in the Maliwannabees side quest in Borderlands 3? Let us help you make the decision.


Maliwannabees is an early-game side quest in Borderlands 3. This mission tasks players with tracking down and dispensing some revenge for a concerned citizen of Promethea. However, with a choice to make on who to kill (Rax or Max), it’s no surprise that this quest might give some players a moment’s pause.

Maliwannabees side quest – Meridian Metroplex

The Maliwannabees mission in Borderlands 3 has players tracking down Rax or Max. The purpose of this mission is to decide which one killed Ziff’s parents, and then exact her revenge by killing one of the two. Problems arise when both Rax and Max claim ownership over the murders, enjoying the fact they are being hunted by a Vault Hunter.

Maliwannabees Borderlands 3
The Maliwannabees side quest in Borderlands 3 has you choose whether to kill Rax or Max.

Begin the quest by chatting with Ziff in the Meridian Outskirts. From here, the quest is fairly short, culminating in a fight:

  1. Speak with Ziff
  2. Find the bodies under the bridge
  3. Search the supply vehicle
  4. Track down and kill Rax or Max
Rax or Max Maliwannabees Borderlands 3
You can kill both Rax and Max in the Maliwannabees mission in Borderlands 3.

There is some good news here, as it does not matter which one you kill because you can kill both. That’s right, after you kill either Rax or Max and leave, Ziff will give the dialogue equivalent of a shrug and suggest you kill both. This is added to the quest log as an optional extra, as noted with a little plus sign (+). You don’t have to kill the other trooper, but why not take both of these horrible bandits out?

Once Rax or Max have been killed (or both have been killed if you so choose), return to Ziff in the warren to receive your reward. She will give you a lump sum of cash, which likely varies depending on your level.

The Maliwannabees side quest in Borderlands 3 is one of the first times the game offers you a multiple choice ending. In saying that, you can definitely kill both Rax and Max if you want to. For more side quest walkthroughs, check out the Shacknews Borderlands 3 guide.

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