How to unlock 200CC in Mario Kart Tour

Learn how to unlock the fastest speed, 200CC, in Mario Kart Tour.


Nintendo’s latest mobile game offering brings players the fun and frantic action of Mario Kart, right on their Android and iOS smartphone. If you’ve been diving into the free-to-play Mario Kart Tour, then you’ve probably found yourself trying to figure out how to do a couple of things, including how to unlock 200CC, the fastest racing speed. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

How to unlock 200CC in Mario Kart Tour

Unfortunately, players looking to unlock 200CC in Mario Kart Tour may be disappointed to learn that they cannot unlock the fastest racing speed without sinking a little cash into the new mobile game. Like with most free-to-play mobile games, Mario Kart Tour includes its own suite of microtransactions. Whether you’re a fan of this kind of method or not is all up to you, but Nintendo seems to like giving people ways to spend money to push themselves forward.

As it stands right now, 200CC mode can only be unlocked by purchasing the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass for $4.99 a month. The good news is, right here at launch, you can get the Gold Pass free for 14 days, which gives you at least two weeks to try out 200CC mode and see if you even want to race at that speed.

How to unlock 200CC in Mario Kart Tour
Unlock 200CC by purchasing the Gold Pass from the shop.

While we won’t argue it’s kind of silly to include one of the best racing modes behind a monthly paywall, it makes sense in this weird world of free-to-play mobile games that we’ve been living in for the past several years.

Now that you know how to unlock 200CC mode in Mario Kart Tour, you can dive right in and learn more about the game. Make sure you know how to get more Rubies, and even how to change the drift mode. You’ll also want to be sure you understand how to change the CC mode as well, so you can enjoy the faster race modes available to you in Nintendo’s latest mobile offering.

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