How to get more Rubies in Mario Kart Tour

Find out how to get more Rubies in Nintendo's new mobile racing game Mario Kart Tour.


Nintendo finally released the much anticipated mobile debut of the Mario Kart series for mobile devices this week in the form of Mario Kart Tour. It allows players to take to the track with their favorite characters from the Mario universe and battle it out across various fantasy tracks. Gaining new racers and items in Mario Kart Tour is achieved by firing the pipe. To fire the pipe, you must spend Rubies, an in-game currency. The more Rubies you have, the more you can fire the pipe. 

To quickly get access to the characters and items you want in Mario Kart Tour, you’ll need to earn Rubies. Here is our guide on how to get more Rubies while playing Mario Kart Tour.

How to get more Rubies in Mario Kart Tour

Use this guide to earn more Rubies fast in Mario kart Tour.
Use this guide to earn more Rubies fast in Mario kart Tour.

Every new player in Mario Kart Tour is awarded a complementary set of 20 Rubies just for installing and trying the game. This can get you started up, but you’ll definitely want to earn more. There are a few tasks you can focus on that will speed up your acquisition of the currency.

Leveling Up

As you race and earn victories, you earn experience points in Mario Kart Tour. Each time you level up, you will be awarded some Rubies.

Ranked Cups

By entering and winning the Ranked Cups events in-game, you will earn additional Rubies. The amount of Rubies received is correlated directly with how high you rank.

Tour Gifts

Tour Gifts are awarded during the game simply by playing the game. Enter races and events and you will be awarded Tour Gifts. You must win the races listed and have enough Grand Stars before you can claim your Tour Gifts.

Gold Pass

If you are willing to pony up some cash to play Mario Kart Tour, you can earn Rubies faster than by playing for free. A Gold Pass subscription will set you back $4.99 a month and will boost the number of rewards you receive in-game, including Rubies. You may currently opt-in to a free two week trial of Gold Pass right now.

Buy the Rubies outright

If you don’t have time for the grind and you’d rather not pick up a Gold Pass subscription, Nintendo will sell the Rubies for money, straight up. A 3-pack of Rubies sells for $1.99, while a 135-pack of Rubies will set you back $69.99. To fire the pipe, you must spend a minimum of 5 Rubies.

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