How to get the Deathless Legendary Artifact in Borderlands 3

Farm the Deathless Legendary Artifact in Borderlands 3 to make a truly outrageous Moze build.


The Deathless Legendary Artifact is one unique beast in Borderlands 3. Unlocking Deathless is going to take a lot of work, but for certain builds out there, it’s absolutely necessary. If you find Deathless, hold on to it or offer it up to the Moze player in your party – they’ll owe you big time. There are some late-game spoilers below on bosses you can kill to farm for Deathless. You have been warned.

Borderlands 3 spoilers

How to get Deathless Legendary Artifact

Getting the Deathless Legendary Artifact is entirely random. That’s the bad news. The good news is that because it is a Legendary world-drop it can be farmed from any boss in the game. A good boss to farm is the Graveward, as it’s a simply enough fight that can be burned through with the right build.

farm Graveward for Deathless Borderlands 3
You can farm the Graveward boss for a chance at the Deathless Artifact in Borderlands 3. Remember to enable Mayhem mode so you get a better chance at more Legendaries.

To increase your chances of getting more Legendary drops, make sure you know how to unlock Mayhem mode, bump it up to level 3, and get some friends in to help. Even if you don’t get Deathless right away, there’s a good chance you might get the Speedloadn’ Hellwalker, the Doom-inspired shotgun.

Thankfully, most bosses have a New-U station right out front of their arena. What this means is that to farm them, all you need to do is kill the boss, quit to the main menu, select continue, and you’ll load right back in outside the boss room, ready to go again.

Deathless Artifact stats

Deathless Borderlands 3
Image credit: Borderlands 3 Fandom wiki

What makes the Deathless Artifact so appealing is its perks. Firstly, it reduces your health to 1 point and then increases your shield capacity by 100%. This might sound like a raw deal, and it is for a lot of classes, but for Moze this is an incredible boon.

Moze has a skill called Desperate Measures, which increases her gun damage based on how low her health is. The less health she has, the more damage she’s dealing. Because Deathless sets your health to 1, you’ve maximised the amount of damage you’re able to deal while also ensuring you rarely die thanks to the huge buff to your shields.

All that’s left to do now is get the Deathless Legendary Artifact by farming some bosses for a while. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Borderlands 3 guide for helpful tips, lists of Legendary gun locations, and more!

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