Get the Speedloadn' Hellwalker Doom shotgun in Borderlands 3

Unlock your own Speedloadn' Hellwalker Doom shotgun in Borderlands 3 and get to sending those psychos back to hell.


The Speedloadn’ Hellwalker is a Doom-inspired Legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3. This double-barrel shotgun is able to put enemies in the ground faster than most other weapons, so farming for one is definitely something you’ll want to do.

How to get the Speedloadn’ Hellwalker – Doom shotgun

Borderlands 3 Captain Traunt Speedloadn Hellwalker
Captain Traunt can drop Legendary gear when killed (and he's super easy to kill), making him an ideal boss to farm for the Doom shotgun.

What some players refer to as the Doom shotgun is actually the Speedloadn’ Hellwalker. This double-barrel shotgun is a rare drop from most bosses and Loot Tinks. However, it can be farmed from Captain Traunt on Athenas.

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You can also receive the Doom shotgun as a prize from the slot machines found around Borderlands 3 (we’ve found one using a machine in Moxxi’s bar on Sanctuary – remember to tip Moxxi while you’re there). The problem is that this requires just as much luck and a lot of cash. For most players, farming one using Captain Traunt is going to be the ideal method.

Borderlands 3 Athenas Captain Traunt farm
Captain Traunt is found in the south of the map - even if you've finished the story mission where you kill him. Kill him again, exit to the main menu, and load back in. Rinse and repeat.

To reach Captain Traunt, you will need to have access to Athenas. It’s also worth noting that you can kill Traunt again even if you’ve already done the story mission. Start at the fast travel station on Athenas and run past all the enemies. You will need to run to the south-most area of the level. Drop down the chute and kill Traunt as fast as possible. Collect the loot you want, then quit to the main menu. Start the game back up and you will spawn facing the chute. Repeat this until Captain Traunt drops the Speedloadn’ Hellwalker Doom shotgun or you get bored.

Let’s not mince words. This could take a very long time to drop. Captain Traunt can drop any of the world-drop Legendary items. It may take you a few runs to get it or you could be trying this for days.

Speedloadn’ Hellwalker stats

Speedloadn Hellwalker Borderlands 3 Doom shotgun
The Speedloadn Hellwalker is inspired by the Doom shotgun. It's got some rather attractive stats (and it plays metal music when you shoot it).

The Speedloadn’ Hellwalker has some impressive statistics that make it an appealing shotgun to use. It has a high base damage, fast reload speed, and can set enemies on fire. Its bonus stats further increase the damage, critical damage, and reload speed. But the main appeal is its audio.

Whenever you fire a shot from the Speedloadn’ Hellwalker, it will play a small section of Doom-like music and the barrels will turn bright orange. Fire fast enough and you can almost hear the thumping tunes of Mick Gordon.

The Speedloadn’ Hellwalker – or Doom shotgun as players have taken to calling it – is an incredibly cool shotgun in Borderlands 3. No single enemy is guaranteed to drop in, instead, it can drop from any boss or treasure enemy in the game. This makes it extremely difficult to farm, but it can be done. Check out the Shacknews Borderlands 3 guide for more weapon farming locations.

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