What to do next after reaching the home base in Code Vein

Finished a mission and now you're stuck working out what to do next in Code Vein? We'll tell you how to plan your next adventure.


Code Vein can be quite cryptic, especially when it comes to working out what to do next. This might seem a bit vague for those playing, but figuring out your next task can be difficult, especially if you’re new to this kind of genre. Thankfully, if you know where to look, Code Vein tells you exactly what you should be doing.

Reached the Home Base – What to do next in Code Vein

After reaching the hub world in Code Vein, it’s easy to be left wondering, “What do I do next?” This is especially problematic at the start of the game, as many of the mechanics and systems are still being taught. There’s one simple trick for knowing what to do next: look at the map in the back of the room (or play co-op with a friend and figure it out together!)

When you first reach the hub world (Home Base), you will need to talk to Louis, who has a few things he needs you to do. Speak with him until you accept some of his blood, and then chat to Coco and Murasame. At this point, you can purchase items from them, upgrade your gear, give them offerings to boost your relationship, or just talk to them.

code vein what to do next
The little light next to the map in Home Base tells you what your next objective is. Check this message whenever you become stuck.

After doing this, you will run out of things to do. What you can do now is find the map at the back of the room near the jukebox. This map has a little blue sparkle near it. Interact with this point to read a message telling you what to do next. Whenever you are stuck, find this little light to receive some guidance on your next task.

Early on in the game, it will direct you to go to the mistle and travel back to the underground to continue your search. You will want to teleport to Outer Crossroads where you’ll find Shang, and some new paths to explore.

From here on out, it should be relatively clear what to do. However, in the event you become stuck and you’re not too sure where to go or what to do next in Code Vein, remember to check the little note. Check out the Shacknews Code Vein page for more guides and articles.

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