How to play co-op in Code Vein

Learn how to setup a co-op session and how to implement a password so you can play Code Vein co-op with friends.


Code Vein is best experienced in co-op play. Luckily for all those players out there, setting up a co-op game in Code Vein is pretty easy. In fact, the game also includes password settings to ensure you only play with friends if you want to.

How to play co-op in Code Vein

Playing Code Vein in co-op allows friends or strangers to enter your world and help you out. Alternatively, you can join someone else’s game to offer assistance. This is a great way to experience Code Vein, especially considering the difficulty of some of the bosses. Plus, it’s just plain fun to play co-op.

code vein play co-op
After ensuring you're playing Online, you will need to use the Multiplayer tab to send or search for a distress signal.

Setting up a co-op match is fairly easy, but there are a few settings you can tinker if you want to fine-tune your experience. To start a co-op session, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Start the game and select the Online mode at the title screen. Note: if you’re playing offline, this can only be changed at the title screen, not in-game.
  2. Load up your game
  3. Enter an area where you want to play co-op (there are restrictions here)
  4. Press Esc or Start to bring up the menu
  5. Go to the Multiplayer tab (third icon, two heads facing one another)
  6. Select Send a Distress Signal to ask for help or Search for Distress Signal to find someone to help
  7. Wait for a connection to be found and then enjoy playing Code Vein co-op!

If the multiplayer tab is unavailable, try quitting and reloading the game. You may need to exit the game entirely and relaunch it. Code Vein may even require an update.

How to limit co-op session to just friends

Code Vein setup co-op password
You can setup a password for co-op so that only friends can play Code Vein with you.

There is one small setting you can change in Code Vein to ensure you only play with friends. This is an option that many players will likely want to do to ensure no randoms get in the way of a friend joining. This method sets up a password that your friend must enter before entering your game. To set this up, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure you are Online
  2. Load into a co-op compatible area
  3. Press Esc or Start to bring up the menu
  4. Navigate to Settings and then to Network Settings
  5. Turn on Matchmaking Password
  6. Enter a password
  7. Have your friend enter the same password to join your game to play co-op

After setting up the Matchmaking Password, only those who have the password will be able to join your session. This locks out strangers from being able to play with you. Remember to turn off this setting if you want to play with randoms.

Code Vein co-op limitations and restrictions

Much like other Soulsborne titles, there are some limitations to what you can and cannot do when playing co-op. There are also restrictions on what the co-op partner can do, and where you can even begin playing co-op.

Code Vein sending distress signal
There are restrictions on sending a distress signal (co-op request) in Code Vein.

You cannot send a distress signal under the following conditions:

  • Playing offline
  • When in a multiplayer-restricted area (Home Base, etc)
  • In the middle of a boss battle
  • An area where the boss has been defeated
code vein answer distress signal
There are also some restrictions to keep in mind when searching for a friend's distress signal.

The above applies when searching for a distress signal, too. However, there are other things to consider when searching for someone to help. You cannot join someone who is:

  • In an area you’ve not unlocked
  • When you’re in the Depths and they’re in the normal area
  • When you’re in the normal area and they’re in the Depths

Furthermore, when playing co-op, a few changes occur with the co-op partner that joins a session:

  • The level of the joiner is changed to that of the host
  • The number of Regens available is reduced

These restrictions are no doubt in place to prevent an over-leveled player joining a friend’s game in order to just blitz through the content. Playing co-op in Code Vein should still provide a challenge.

Now that you know how to play co-op in Code Vein, you can get to slaying monsters with a friend. Remember to setup the password restriction if you just want a mate to join, and delete it when searching for random players. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews for even more Code Vein coverage.

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