BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle reveals Ver. 2.0 Expansion Pack DLC fighters

Over the weekend, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle revealed the rest of their Version 2.0 Expansion Pack DLC characters. Find out who's joining the fight.


BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle has been nothing if not ambitious. This crossover fighters from Arc System Works has blended together the worlds of several anime fighters, like the titular BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, and Persona Arena. It's also brought in several characters from Rooster Teeth's popular RWBY series. Now Arc System Works is preparing to introduce a handful of new DLC fighters, one of which was already revealed to be an actual, literal tank. Over the weekend, the rest of the roster was revealed.

Here are the five new characters revealed for the Ver. 2.0 Expansion Pack:

  • Celica A. Mercury (BlazBlue: Central Fiction)
  • Elizabeth (Persona 4 Arena)
  • Tohru Adachi (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax)
  • Hilda (Under Night In-Birth)
  • Susanoo (BlazBlue: Central Fiction)

These five characters join the other characters announced for the Ver. 2.0 Expansion Pack, which was first revealed at EVO 2019. Those characters include Akatsuki Blitzkampf and Blitztank (the latter, I should remind you again, is a literal tank) from the Akatsuki Blitzkampf series and Neopolitan from the RWBY series.

The Version 2.0 update will offer more than DLC fighters. According to GAME MEDIA (via Shoryuken), players can expect several new gameplay mechanics. Cross Raid will allow players to use up their Cross Gauge after the final hit of Smart Combo 1 to switch your partner in with an attack. Extra Assault allows players to use a Skill Gauge bar to perform a two-character Clash Assault. Delay Entry is a mechanic that kicks in when one character dies, with a player able to hold down a button to delay their remaining character's arrival. This will reduce incoming mixups and unavoidable surprises when a player's last character jumps into the game.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Then there's Rampage Time, which grants passive Skill Gauge after the timer hits 80 seconds. Standard Cross Tag Battle games have a 180 second timer, all of which elapses in real-time. To prevent the time expiring, after more than half the clock expires, both players will see their Skill Gauge start to slowly fill up. This also ensures more bombastic finishes.

The Version 2.0 changes are also expected to include new UI changes and an Extra Story Mode. The mechanical changes are expected to be available for free. As for the DLC characters, the Version 2.0 Expansion Pack will go for $24.99.

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