On the Blood Path - Kill Holder or Ramsden in Borderlands 3

We're on the blood path now! Figure out who to kill in Borderlands 3: Holder or Ramsden.


On the Blood Path is a mission in Borderlands 3 that asks you to kill Holder or Ramsden. Considering you get a different reward depending on who you choose to save or kill, you’ll want to take a moment to weigh the options. Once you know the rewards, picking who to kill should become clear.

On the Blood Path – Kill Holder or Ramsden

On the Blood Path Borderlands 3
At the end of the mission, On the Blood Path, you will be asked to either kill Holder or kill Ramsden.

The mission, On the Blood Path, is a side mission in Borderlands 3 that’s found on Eden-6. It is located in The Anvil, a section that is basically one large prison area. You will need to speak with a totally harmless guy named Ramsden, who asks you to help track down a friend of his, Holder.

  1. Accept the quest from Ramsden in The Anvil on Eden-6
  2. Search for a key, use it to unlock a gate, and continue fighting
  3. Find Holder and speak with him
  4. Choose whether to side with Holder OR open the door for Ramsden

Side with Holder / Kill Ramsden

If you choose to side with Holder (kill Ramsden), you will be rewarded with a shield called the Brawler Unpaler. The shield is rated as a purple Epic item that offers electricity resistance and bonus melee damage when your shield is depleted. The amount of extra melee damage might be random, but mine dropped with a 180% increase.

Borderlands 3 kill Ramsden
Killing Ramsden for the mission, On the Blood Path, rewards you with the Brawler Unpaler shield.

This shield isn’t anything amazing, in fact, you could get a better one from the golden chest in Sanctuary by entering any SHiFT codes for Borderlands 3.

Open the door for Ramsden / Kill Holder

If you choose to open the door for Ramsden (kill Holder), you will receive a shotgun called the Iron-Willed Fingerbiter. This is a Jakobs shotgun, meaning it dishes out a lot of damage but only has a small magazine size. It offers some great bonus stats, such as extra weapon damage and reload speed.

Borderlands 3 kill Holder
Kill Holder to receive the Iron-Willed Fingerbiter shotgun.

Credit to GosuNoob for the above image.

Unfortunately, neither of these rewards for killing Holder or Ramsden are very appealing. The One Pump Chump is by far one of the best shotguns in Borderlands 3, and there are a myriad of excellent shields. So whether you choose to kill Holder or Ramsden, feel comforted in knowing that you’re not missing out on much.

Now that you’ve got more information on your side, you should hopefully know whether to kill Holder or Ramsden for the On the Blood Path mission in Borderlands 3. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews and take a moment to look over out Borderlands 3 guide for more mission overviews.

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