The Riftbreaker is like "Diablo meets Starcraft"

You're alone on a distant planet with only a few goals: gather resources to build a portal and destroy every hostile alien that threatens your survival.


There are a lot of gems to be found at gaming conventions, and The Riftbreaker is one of them. Shacknews had the pleasure of speaking with Wojciech Lekki from EXOR Studios about what Riftbreaker is all about, and he had us at, “it’s like Diablo meets Starcraft”. Please check out the interview below!

The Riftbreaker offers base-building and alien-stomping

Fans of games like Helldivers and They Are Billions should be immediately drawn to what they see in The Riftbreaker. Players take on the role of Ashley Nowak, an elite commando equipped with a mech who’s been sent on a one-way trip to populate a new planet on the other side of the galaxy. But you’re not growing crops and managing livestock, you’re building turrets and shredding the alien lifeforms with your arsenal of weapons.

Lekki likens the Riftbreaker to that of Diablo and Starcraft. Players go out on expeditions, killing hundreds of aliens, all in an effort to improve their basecamp. The end goal is to construct a two-way portal back to Earth so that humanity can spread to the new planet.

From the gameplay featured above, the combat looks to be intense and fast-paced. Mr Riggs (Ashley’s mech), can be outfitted with a variety of weapons. The Riftbreaker site lists energy blades, flamethrowers, miniguns, and mortars as just a few of the available attachments. In order to use these weapons, players will need to craft them, which requires adventuring out beyond the relative safety of your base to search for resources.  

The Riftbreaker is also visually impressive. There are dozens, if not hundreds of enemies on-screen at any given moment. The game also features some streaming integration, where viewers will be able to affect the game on the fly. Audience members can summon more waves of enemies, activate natural disasters, and even aid the player with resource drops.

While there is no set release date, the team at EXOR Studios is aiming for a release window of the second half of 2020 for The Riftbreaker. Players can expect to pick up The Riftbreaker on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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