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Shizumaru Hisame joins Samurai Shodown as free DLC next week

A Samurai Shodown fan-favorite is joining the reboot's roster next week and he'll available free of charge.


Samurai Shodown is in the midst of a successful revival, with the recent reboot striking a chord with fans of the original series and also with fighting game fans who like powerful, visceral weapon-based battles. SNK isn't stopping with its current roster, with numerous characters in line to join the fight. The latest one was revealed on Wednesday, with players getting a first look at Shizumaru Hisame.

Long-time fans will remember Hisame as one of the lead characters for 1995's Samurai Shodown III. He's a young amnesiac, having forgotten his own name and instead naming himself after his sword. Having been condemned as a demon, he has traveled the world to learn what it means to live as one. Now in the new Samurai Shodown, Hisame seeks out his family that once raised him, largely as a pacifist. But with a roster filled with hardened fighters, Hisame hesitantly draws his sword again and unleashes the demon within.

This, of course, falls in line with what SNK outlined for Samurai Shodown's initial batch of DLC characters back at EVO 2019. Hisame marks the second character to debut for the game, with Basara, Kazuki Kazama, and Wan-Fu all in line to join the roster before the end of the year. That's not all, though. SNK is currently working up a Season 2 batch of DLC characters, with fan-favorite Mina Majikina set to lead off that bundle of characters. The rest of the Season 2 fighters are set to be revealed sometime in 2020.

Shizumaru Hisame is set to hit Samurai Shodown next Tuesday, September 17. He will be available as part of a free update that will include the game's next patch. The rest of the game's Season Pass characters will be available for $19.99 and can be picked up on the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store.

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