Zafina kicks off Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 DLC today

Tekken 7 launches its Season Pass 3 with Zafina, who makes her return from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Tekken 7 has kicked off an entire new season of one-on-one battles to the finish. That means the existing roster has received some significant changes, but it also means that a whole new set of characters are set to join the fight. On Tuesday, the first of this new batch of characters became available, as Zafina officially made her return from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Zafina was first unveiled on the final day of competition at EVO 2019. Zafina brings back many of her skills from her previous Tekken appearances, but there does seem to be something noticeably different about her. It might be that her left hand now appears to be possessed by a demonic entity and that she struggles to keep its murderous thirst in check. Or maybe she got a new hairstyle. It could be that, too.

This isn't all that's new for Tekken 7. Season 3 means that the entirety of the game's roster has been overhauled, with balance changes across the board. On top of that, some characters even have brand new moves to bring to the table. There are far too many specifics to go into here, so if you're looking for a specific character, be sure to visit the Tekken World Tour website and see how much things have changed for your main fighter.

Zafina is only the first of a handful of new characters set to debut in Tekken 7. Later this year, players will meet an all-new fighter to the series named Leroy. The excitement for him is already so far off the charts, rapper T-Pain recently showed up to this year's Dragoncon in full cosplay.

Zafina is available as part of Tekken 7's Season Pass 3, which is available for $24.99 through your respective platform's marketplace. Leroy will be available this winter. The Season 3 patch, which updates all of the game's fighters and also refreshes the Tekken 7 user interface, is available now free of charge.

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