Tekken 7 kicks off Season 3 DLC with Zafina and Leroy Smith

Tekken 7 is ready to launch a third season of DLC, starting off with Tekken 6's Zafina and an all-new character named Leroy Smith.


An incredible Grand Finals for Tekken 7 just concluded at EVO 2019. It was hard to imagine how Bandai Namco could possibly follow that. The answer is the game's next big chapter, which is going to be the game's Season 3.

This September will kick off Tekken 7 Season 3, which will be headlined by the addition of another round of four DLC characters. First up is Zafina, making her return from Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There's something noticeably different about her this time around. It's a new outfit! Oh, and also a demonic hand that she's rapidly losing control over. There's that, too.

A second DLC character was teased, one being touted as an all-new addition to the Tekken universe. He's an elderly African-American martial arts master from the streets of New York named Leroy Smith. He will be Season 3's third character.

On top of these two characters, Tekken 7's third Season Pass will include an additional two characters, an unnamed feature, and a new stage. These latter additions will find their way to Tekken 7 in Winter 2019.

Tekken 7 will launch Season 3 in September with the deployment of a massive Season 3 patch that will not only balance all of the game's characters, but also give them brand new moves to add to their existing arsenal. In addition to that, Tekken 7 will receive an updated user interface, expanded Practice functionality, a new stats display, and a new feature called My Replay & Tips. All of this will be free to all existing Tekken 7 users.

If you're interested in some good ass Tekken, be sure to visit our EVO 2019 results page and catch up on anything you might have missed.

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