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EVO 2019 brackets, spectator pass, winners, and results

Learn more about the spectator pass, brackets, winners, highlights, and results of this year's EVO 2019 tournaments.


There's no place for fighting fans like EVO, and this year's event is already underway. Top esports athletes from all across the globe have gathered to put their game to the test and earn the right to be called best. From Tekken 7 to Street Fighter 5 and Mortal Kombat 11 to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, here's more information about how players can watch EVO 2019 tournaments and catch up on the final results.

EVO 2019 Spectator Pass

On-site ighting game fans who aren't participating in any of the EVO 2019 tournaments can still watch the show live by purchasing a spectator pass, according to the official EVO website.

EVO 2019 spectator pass
EVO 2019 spectator pass

Spectator passes will be made available for purchase on-site both Friday and Saturday, and will cost $50. For everyone else at home, check out our guide to EVO 2019 live streams to catch all the action without having to step outside.

EVO 2019 Brackets

Given that there are nine different games being played across each of the EVO 2019 tournaments, fans can expect to see some of the most talented and determined athletes in the current esports arena. They can expect to see all of their favorite competitors, and follow their progress by keeping current on the tournament's bracket

EVO 2019 brackets

For a full list of the various brackets and pools, we'd recommend stopping by There players can find information about each tournament and event taking place during EVO, with information about each entrant

EVO 2019 Winners

EVO 2019 isn't over just yet, so there are no winners to announce for now. Be sure to check back after the tournaments have concluded to learn about each of the athletes who will be taking home the prize.

EVO 2019 Results

Here are the full results for EVO 2019:

SoulCalibur VI

  • WINNER: Yuttoto (Yuta Sudo)
  • RUNNER-UP: Bluegod (Zain Tibeishat)
  • 3rd place: Skyll (Jeremy Bernard)
  • 4th place: Woahhzz (Jonathan Vo)
  • 5th place (tie): Tamonegi, Shen Chan (Jovian Chan)
  • 7th place (tie): Kayane (Marie-Laure Norindr), Saiyne (Joshua Vernon)


  • WINNER: ClearLamp_O
  • RUNNER-UP: Oushuu-Hittou
  • 3rd place: Hishigata
  • 4th place: Kure
  • 5th place (tie): Neji, Rikir
  • 7th place (tie): Libekichi, Senaru

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • WINNER: GO1 (Goichi Kushida)
  • RUNNER-UP: SonicFox (Dominique McLean)
  • 3rd place: Fenritti
  • 4th place: Shanks (Joan Namay)
  • 5th place (tie): B, hirohiro
  • 7th place (tie): NyChrisG (Christopher Gonzalez), Kazunoko (Ryota Inoue)

Samurai Shodown

  • WINNER: Infiltration (Seon-woo Lee)
  • RUNNER-UP: Kazunoko (Ryota Inoue)
  • 3rd place: Justin Wong
  • 4th place: Reynald Tacsuan
  • 5th place (tie): Alex Valle, RB (Fu Pin Kao)
  • 7th place (tie): DidimoKOF (Renato Martins), ZJZ (Chia-Chen Tseng)

Mortal Kombat 11

  • WINNER: SonixFox (Dominique McLean)
  • RUNNER-UP: Dragon (Ryan Walker)
  • 3rd place: Tekken Master (Sayen Ahmed)
  • 4th place: Deoxys (Julien Gorena)
  • 5th place (tie): A F0xy Grampa (Denom Jones), Tommy Tweedy
  • 7th place (tie): Hayatei (Alexandre Dube-Bilodeau), Semiij (Andrew Fontanez)

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

  • WINNER: Shinku (Oscar James)
  • RUNNER-UP: Kyamei
  • 3rd place: Domi (Seitaro Ohno)
  • 4th place: Mekasue (Kamisue Kazuya)
  • 5th place (tie): Bace (Christina Kabacinski), Fenritti
  • 7th place (tie): KojiKOG (Kazuyuki Koji), Jona Kim

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

  • WINNER: Bonchan (Masato Takahashi)
  • RUNNER-UP: Big Bird (Adel Anouche)
  • 3rd place: Infexious (DC Coleman)
  • 4th place: Atsushi Fujimura
  • 5th place (tie): Machabo (Masahiro Tominaga), iDom (Derek Ruffin)
  • 7th place (tie): Kichipa-mu (Hiroki Asano), Yangmian Huang

Tekken 7

  • WINNER: Arslan Ash
  • RUNNER-UP: Knee (Jae Min Bae)
  • 3rd place: Anakin (Hoa Luu)
  • 4th place: TAKE (Abe Takehiko)
  • 5th place (tie): Noroma (Takumi Hamasaki), Nobi (Nakayama Daichi)
  • 7th place (tie): LowHigh (Sun Woong Youn), Chikurin (Yuta Take)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • WINNER: MkLeo (Leonardo Lopez)
  • RUNNER-UP: Tweek (Gavin Dempsey)
  • 3rd place: Gluttony (William Belaid)
  • 4th place: Samsora (Ezra Morris)
  • 5th place (tie): ProtoBanham, Raito (Tetsuya Ishiguro)
  • 7th place (tie): Zackray, Light (Paris Ramirez)

With the hottest players from across the world fighting to be reigned champion, this year's EVO 2019 tournaments should prove quite the spectacle. Be sure to check back with us to learn more about the winners and overall results. In the meantime, check our EVO 2019 guide for links to streams and more details about on-site events.

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