Where to find Claptrap's Missing Eye in Fortnite

Here's where to find the location of Claptrap's missing eye in Fortnite plus where to go in order to return it to him.


Fortnite X Mayhem is now live, slinging a hot splash of Borderlands sauce onto Epic's hit battle royale. As part of the recent promotion, players are engaging in the fresh new Welcome to Pandora challenges. One of these challenges involves a strange robot named Claptrap, who has apparently managed to lose an eye. To complete the challenges, players must find Claptrap's missing eye and return it to him. Here are the locations they'll need to seek out in order to complete the quest.

Fortnite X Mayhem | Where to find Claptrap's Missing Eye

As is likely expected, both Claptrap and his missing eye can be found in the new Pandora Rift Zone that opened up as part of the Fortnite X Mayhem event. For those who aren't familiar, Pandora hails from the Borderlands series, as does Claptrap, a little robot companion that offers quests and quips to keep players entertained.

Fortnite where to find Claptrap's missing eye map location

Claptrap's eye can be found at location 1 marked on the map above, within the eastern bandit camp, not too far away from one of the vault symbol locations offered as part of the Welcome to Pandora challenges. Specifically, it's found in the southernmost building in the area — the one adjacent to the windmill — sitting on the floor near an old chair and television.

Once the eye has been located, players need to return it to Claptrap in order to complete the challenge. This shouldn't be terribly difficult, as Claptrap hangs out near the entrance to the Pandora Rift, right next to the area's welcome sign. Find him and speak with him to complete the quest and earn your rewards.

Now that Pandora has invaded Fortnite, players have loads of challenges to complete as part of the Welcome to Pandora challenges. Restoring sight to Borderlands' iconic robot mascot is only the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to drop by Shacknews' Fortnite home page to brush up on all the latest news, challenges, and guides.

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