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Rocket League outlines Rocket Pass 4 free & premium rewards

Get down and muddy with Rocket League's upcoming Rocket Pass 4, as Psyonix details the free and premium rewards ahead of next week's deployment date.


Rocket League is certainly not about to slow down anytime soon and that means motoring on ahead with the game's next Rocket Pass. So if you need more ways to decorate your vehicle, you'll soon have a way to do that with new rewards across both a free and premium path. On Wednesday, developer Psyonix formally revealed Rocket Pass 4 and what players can expect when it arrives next week.

Rocket Pass 4 is headlined by an all-new Battle-Car called the Mudcat. This vehicle looks like it's pulled straight out of the off-road circuit, sporting a new outdoorsy-style design and a set of off-road tires. The car will start off bare bones, but players can earn different cosmetic items to spruce it up over the course of Rocket Pass 4. This includes unlocking the higher-tier Mudcat GXT.

Rocket Pass 4 will operate mostly similar to other Rocket Passes. Both the Free and Premium route are set to offer three new challenges each week. They'll help you climb the Tier Points chart and help you get throuhg the Rocket Pass's 70 Tiers. After that, Pro Tiers will grant Painted or Special Edition versions of various Rocket Pass 4 unlockables. And if you've got the new hotness, you can trade the old and busted, because all Rocket Pass 4 items are tradeable.

If you can't get to the Weekly Challenges right away, no need to worry. Psyonix is noting that new challenges will not expire after their week wraps up. So get to Rocket League whenever you have the time.

Rocket Pass 4 is set to deploy on August 28 at 10AM PT. It'll run all the way through December 4. The Free route is available to all, while the Premium path and its 12 additional tiers will set players back 10 Keys. For more, be sure to brush up on the finer details at the Rocket League website.

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