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Rocket League details Rocket Pass 3 free and premium rewards

Rocket League has issued new details on the upcoming Rocket Pass and the slew of rewards that players will be able to earn over the next few months.


Last week, developer Psyonix revealed what's next for Rocket League, announcing the upcoming Esports Shop Update and the next Rocket Pass. However, details were light at the time on Rocket Pass 3 and its contents. On Tuesday, Psyonix shed a little more light on what players can expect from Rocket Pass 3, revealing a handful of rewards across multiple tiers.

Rocket Pass 3 is set to launch on April 17 and will operate like previous Rocket Passes, offering 70 tiers of rewards on both the free and premium side. Players will be able to pick up a multitude of rewards that each have separate tiers unto themselves. Here are some examples of what players can expect:

  • Guardian: A new coupe-like limited body type that unlocks along Tier 1 with three tiers. Higher tiers of the Guardian features additions like special spoilers.
  • Slash Beam: A limited rocket boost that adds a nice blade effect to your boosts.
  • Ved-Ava: Limited wheels that add cool visual effects to your hubcaps. Tier I will offer a nice ocean wave effect, while the Tier II adds a mermaid head. Rocket Pass 3 will add more varieties of wheel with two tiers a piece, rather than less varieties with three tiers.
  • Salty: A limited topper for the premium side that shows up around Tier 56 that turns your topper into a salt shaker.
  • Hammerhead: A Tier 12 limited topper for the free side that adds a shark's head as your topper.
  • Periscope: A Tier 42 limitd topper for the free side that's exactly what it sounds like, adding a periscope as your topper to make you look like a land-based submarine.
  • Fireworks: This is a Tier 70 limited animated decal for the free side that gives your car a vibrant paint job. Your finish will be a constantly-animating fireworks show.
Rocket League - Rocket Pass 3

Rocket Pass 3 challenges will rotate on a weekly basis, with each week offering up three challenges for free players and three challenges for premium Rocket Pass users. Free players can make progress on premium challenges at any time and unlock those rewards by upgrading to the premium Rocket Pass at a later date. Players can upgrade tiers by earning ten Tier Points, with players earning Tier Points by upping their Player Level or by completing challenges. Certain challenges will utilize items earned along the free side of the Rocket Pass, such as "Jumping With The Shark," which will challenge players to jump into 10 online matches with the Hammerhead topper.

Rocket League - Rocket Pass 3 Challenges

There's plenty more to check out with the next Rocket Pass and more information can be found on the Rocket League website. Rocket League's Rocket Pass 3 will run from April 17 and end on July 29.

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