2020 Pokemon World Championships will be held in London

London, England will be home to the 2020 Pokemon World Championships.


This was a banner weekend for the Pokemon franchise, specifically the competitive side of it. New Pokemon World Champions were crowned throughout the weekend for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, The Pokemon Trading Card Game, and Pokken Tournament DX. What's next for competitive Pokemon? On top of a new game in the franchise, the Pokemon World Championships are going across the pond to merry old England.

To close out the 2019 Pokemon World Championships, London was officially named as the site of the 2020 competition. The game's best players from around the world will come together in England to compete in the biggest games in the Pokemon franchise.

This will include the all-new Pokemon Sword & Shield. The 2019 Pokemon World Championships marked the official end of the 3DS Pokemon generation. Going forward, competitions will utilize the new Pokemon generation, which is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. New details on that game were unveiled on Friday during the Pokemon World Championship Opening Ceremonies.

As for this year's competition, here's the full list of winners for the 2019 Pokemon World Championships:

  • Pokemon VGC Masters Division: Naoto Mizobuchi
  • Pokemon VGC Senior Division: Ko Tsukide
  • Pokemon VGC Junior Division: Pi Wu
  • Pokemon TCG Masters Division: Henry Brand
  • Pokemon TCG Senior Division: Kaya Lichtleitner
  • Pokemon TCG Junior Division: Haruki Miyamoto
  • Pokken Tournament DX Masters Division: Subutan
  • Pokken Tournament DX Senior Division: Ashninja1

Dates for the 2020 Pokemon World Championships will be revealed at a later date. In the meantime, keep an eye on Play Pokemon to learn more about the 2020 Pokemon competitive season.

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