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What is max level cap in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

Want to know what the max level cap in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is? Here's what you'll need to know.


As you take on battles, teach students, and upgrade your army, you’re going to find yourself progressing quite a bit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. But what exactly is the max level cap and how do you go about reaching it? In this guide, we’ll discuss both the max combat level cap, as well as your max Professor rank, and even share a few pointers on how to increase these numbers before you complete the game and dive into New Game+.

What is the max level cap in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

The maximum level cap in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is level 99. As with most other titles, the higher your character’s level, the stronger that character will be, and the more health, attack points, and so on that your character will have access to. When it comes to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, though, this particular level is completely dedicated to your character's basic stats like attack and so on.

While some originally believed the level cap in Fire Emblem: Three Houses to be around 50, Reddit user, ExecutiveElf did some experimenting and ended up sharing their results on the game's official subreddit. As you can see in the original postings, the level cap that they hit for their units was level 99. 

Fire Emblem - Max level cap for combat
Players can increase their combat level by taking part in battles, healing units, and other combat-related actions.

Because of its direct reflection on your unit’s ability to do combat, to increase this level, you will need to take part in battles. Thankfully, you’re going to see more than enough of the turn-based combat system as you make your way through Fire Emblem: Three Houses rather lengthy campaign, and it shouldn’t be an issue reaching those higher levels, so long as you take some time for additional battles and events along the way. 

There are plenty of other levels to worry about in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, though. While your unit's combat level is important, you'll also need to worry about ranking up your Professor Rank. This level is basically a direct reflection of how well you've been doing at teaching your students in the Officer's Academy, and as such, it can be increased by taking part in events and things of that sort around the monastery. Right now the highest Professor Rank that you can hit is believed to be A, however, the ranking system in Fire Emblem normally goes up to S rank, so it's possible that someone might be able to reach that rank at some point down the line. We'll update the article when we know more.

Fire Emblem Three Houses - max professor rank
You'll need to explore the monastery and take part in various events if you want to increase your Professor Rank.

Now that you know the highest rank and the max level cap, you can start working towards upgrading your units and increasing your Professor rank. For more help in the latest Fire Emblem title, make sure you head over to our Fire Emblem: Three Houses guides hub for more in-depth articles like this, including our guide on how to get all Hero Relic weapons, which will make your strongest units even more powerful.

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