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Doom Eternal reveals new Doom Hunter demon at QuakeCon 2019

Doom Hunter, a new demon revealed at QuakeCon 2019, is coming to Doom Eternal and "He's totally awesome."


The QuakeCon Keynote featuring Doom Eternal didn’t disappoint when it came to reveals. Among those was the announcement that a new demon would be arriving in Doom Eternal, the Doom Hunter.

We only got to see about a minute of footage featuring the Doom Hunter, but it was enough to confirm that this hellish creature was cool.  The clip showed the demon being attached to a mechanical base that allows it to hover just off the ground as it moves around. As for weapons, I thought I spotted some rockets on its side, as well as a main gun and a sort of fire-infused chainsaw. I’m also somewhat curious about this demon’s origins, as its ribcage is exposed, making it seem as if it’s already been defeated in some form or fashion in the past. Watch the clip embedded below that someone was cool enough to snatch from the Twitch stream.

There was a lot more going on at the QuakeCon Keynote featuring Doom Eternal, including the reveal of Doom Eternal Battlemode 2v1 multiplayer, and the news that Fallout 4, Wolfenstein: The New Order, and Doom 2016 coming to PS Now. That’s in addition to Doom and Doom 2 mobile hit iOS and Android today, which followed news that Classic Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3 got a surprise Switch launch. It’s a lot for any Doom fan to take in, but we’ve been watching closely to make sure you’re well informed.

Doom Eternal will be launching on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on November 22, 2019. To keep tabs on that, as well as the rest of the gaming world’s upcoming offerings, check out our video game release dates 2019 guide, and to follow everything coming out of QuakeCon 2019, be sure to check out that tag on Shacknews.


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