Doom Eternal Battlemode 2v1 multiplayer detailed at QuakeCon 2019

QuakeCon attendees got to take a first look at Doom Eternal's new multiplayer Battle Mode and see how 2v1 slaying will work.


Friday's QuakeCon keynote continued with more information on the heavily-anticipated Doom Eternal. And while there have been plenty of details on the game's single-player story, there have been scant details about multiplayer to this point. But during today's keynote, QuakeCon attendees learned more about Doom Eternal's Battlemode.

Those in attendance at QuakeCon were able to get a first look at how Battlemode will operate. Two demons will face off against a lone Slayer in a 2v1 best-of-5 encounter. The Battlemode first look started with a profile on some of the game mode's playable demons:

  • Revenant: The Revenant floats around with a jetpack and wrecks opponents with a rocket barrage.
  • Pain Elemental: He can fly around and take out ground-based opponents, while using his Soul Shield to protect from incoming attacks.
  • Mancubus: He has heavy cannons and flamethrowers, along with a lot of health.

In addition to these characters, players using the enemy demons can also summon lesser AI demons to attack the opposing slayer. Certain demons can also lay out hazards and other traps.

Doom Eternal Battlemode

On the other side is a Slayer that's armed to the teeth. He's fully upgraded with all guns, mods, and equipment. Whoever's on the Slayer side must use all of his abilities in a number of different ways. Glory Kills will refresh the Slayer's resources.

Each side will get certain elements that only they can use. Slayers are the only ones who can utilize the various portals laying around the map. Slayers must utilize run-and-gun tactics to isolate and dismember the opposing demons. Demons must get taken out back-to-back. If one demon is taken out, the Slayer only has a few seconds to take out the other one, otherwise the first demon will respawn with half health.

The Maurauder and the Archvile were revealed as additional playable demons later in the keynote. But that's not all the Slayer will have to face off against. Bethesda and id Software will look to add more demons and additional maps to Battlemode after Doom Eternal's launch. This content will be added for free. While id didn't discuss Slayer Club benefits, the door is certainly open for those members to potentially get a little something extra in the future.

Doom Eternal's Battlemode will launch with six playable maps. Look for Doom Eternal to launch on November 22.

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