The Cartridge Family 073 - Edith Finch, Don't Throw Your Cat, Ultimate Alliance 3: What'd You Expect

Jason Onorad joins for an episode that is very lacking in John Benyamine, but chock full of ways to beatdown Joe.


On today's episode of everyone's favorite gaming (adjacent) podcast, The Cartridge Family, we learn all about special guest Jason Onorad's famous Filent Mignon and how he can, in fact, treat a block of tofu in the same manner. That's right, John's away and we did our best to fill his John-sized whole with a similar shaped brother-brother before diving into the usual hijinx. It's a fun episode and we look forward to Jason hopping on the mic again, sometime. Oh, by the way, if anyone has a copy of Next Generation magazine from 1996 featuring a review of Bubsy 3D, please hit me up. Thanks as always for listening and enjoy!

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