The Cartridge Family 072 - Blazing Chrome, Redadcted Gaming, and the Dog Urine Days of Summer

This is the episode where we learn that Buffa is operating on a different plane of existence.


Be sure to beat the heat this summer and keep that dial tuned to the The Cartridge Family FM, a brand new radio station in the year of our Lord, 2019, ran entirely by us, The Cartridge Family. While you're out there cruisin' in the summer sun, elegantly dodging the pools of dog urine just outside the Buffa residence, be sure and shove today's episode into your cassette deck. I'm not going to lie, today's show was weird, so thanks more than ever for listening.

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Front-end dev, musician and audio engineer. I talk games, games industry as producer on Shack Together. Not funny or smart.

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