The Cartridge Family 071 - Weekend Edition: Asif's Encore, Nintendo Switch Lite, Mario Maker 2

Better late than never!


Congratulations to you in your discovery of this, the first Weekend Edition of our beloved podcast. What does Weekend Edition mean, exactly? Well, it means we were unprepared, missing a member of our regular crew, and clumsily scraping together a show so as to not miss a publishing week, entirely. That said, we do have a fun, albeit brief, episode for you chronicling the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite as well as even more Super Mario Maker 2 chat. Finally, the gang gangs up on Joe, as is customary by now, for not having played some of gaming's finest and most classic gems before we wrap things up with a Asif's guest-spot beatdown. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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