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Nintendo is giving the original Switch a new CPU and storage

The OG Switch looks like it's getting an upgrade, just as we find out about the Nintendo Switch Lite.


Nintendo is wasting no time when it comes to giving the Switch as we know it a set of upgrades. Starting with today's announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, the company has set a plan into motion that likely will include an upgrade to the Switch in the form of a more souped-up console.

But apparently, changes to the original Switch are afoot, according to a few filings with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Nintendo filed a "Class II Permission Change" to the FCC, requesting a tweak to an existing gadget (in this case, the SoC, os the Switch's Nvidia Tegra processor) and the NAND memory, or flash storage.

The request outlines a change for the type of SoC, NAND memory type, and the CPU board. This isn't for the rumored Switch Pro that could be coming in the future, either – it's all for the original model, due to the fact that the original model number is listed here. While Nintendo has kept mum about the whole thing, that doesn't mean it's no of consequence. It could simply mean that the big N wants to quietly make a few changes and slip under the radar.

It's possible that this could herald an eventual new Switch refresh to make way for the Switch Prp upgrade or something like it, and we could even see that in the near future now that the Switch Lite has been unveiled. There's been no official commentary on the matter just yet, so it's smart to treat this like a rumor, but either way, it's something well worth watching, especially if you're planning on taking the plunge and getting a Switch.

We'll keep you updated on the matter, especially if Nintendo makes any sort of comment on whether or not we should expect an upgraded version of the core Switch model in the future.

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