How to create a sub-area warp pipe in Super Mario Maker 2

Transport the player to new areas using sub-areas and warp pipes in Super Mario Maker 2.


There is a lot of hidden functionality in the Course Maker in Super Mario Maker 2, and one interesting tool is the sub-area. These sub-areas are only accessible by a warp pipe. Because these sub-areas are basically a second whole area to create things in, knowing how to create a sub-area with a warp pipe is important.

Featured image is from course XPJ-YJQ-7VF by Nore139.

How to create a sub-area warp pipe

sub-area warp pipe Super Mario Maker 2
To create a sub-area, place a warp pipe in the course and then place Mario in it or select the arrow to go to the sub-area for editing.

A sub-area is a great tool on offer in Super Mario Maker 2. A sub-area is essentially a second world that can be filled with even more traps, courses, puzzles, and opportunities. To make a sub-area, all you need to do is create a warp pipe in the main world and then interact with it:

  1. Switch to terrain and building mode (if you were on sounds and music)
  2. Navigate to the top series of icons
  3. Select the pipe (or hold Y and find it under Terrain)
  4. Place the pipe where you want it, selecting its length and orientation
  5. Hold A while on the pipe and select the green arrow to go to the sub-area
  6. Choose the orientation of the sub-area (horizontal or vertical)
  7. Place the warp pipe where the player will come through

With the second pipe placed, the Mario will now be transported to and from the main area and sub-area whenever he passes through that warp pipe pair. What’s more, there seems to be no limit to the amount of pipes and connections you can create. So while you can only make a single sub-area, you can basically make as many little interconnecting rooms as you want.

This can be used to great effect to make individual, self-contained rooms where the player must solve the puzzle within one area and then move on to the next one by passing through the warp pipe.

Sub-areas and warp pipes are a fantastic tool in Super Mario Maker 2. With a bit of creativity, there is no limit to the sorts of things these sub-areas can be used for. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Super Mario Maker 2 page for more helpful Course Maker guides!

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