Still time to sign up for ScoreSpace Jam #5 this weekend

Do you have the developer chops to do it for Shacknews in ScoreSpace Jam #5? Sign ups are still live for this weekend's game jam.


Shacknews has teamed with ScoreSpace for their next game jam. ScoreSpace Jam #5 gives developers three days to create a game with a high score mechanic, and then streamers another three days to max out their scores live in front of the whole Internet. There is still time to sign up for ScoreSpace Jam #5, devs. Are you a bad enough developer to do it for Shacknews?

ScoreSpace Jam #5 will run from 9PM Friday June 21st until 9PM on Monday the 24th (PST). The theme will be announced at the start of the jam. Sign ups are still live at

If you have any questions you can contact ScoreSpace here


This is a new type of game-jam that involves both gamedevs and streamers in the contest.

The jam starts with the game developers. Their job is to create a game within a 72 hour period. Once the time is up, there is a three day judging period in which the games are judged by the jam participants. The winning games are made a highlight video. The top three games are then played by the streamers.

When the video is uploaded is also when the 48 hour timer starts for the streamers. The goal for the streamers is to get a highscore in one of the three games. Once the timer runs out the streamers submit their VOD and the player who achieves the highest score in each game wins. The streamers are made a highlight video as well.


  • All games must include a leaderboard system (offline or online) so that the streamers can compete for the highscore if you happen to win the contest.
  • You can make the game on your own or in a team of 4. You can find other people to team up with on our Crowdforge page.
  • All game engines (and frameworks) are allowed!
  • Games that are NSFW should have a warning in the description or when the game first loads up.
  • You and your team must make everything from scratch during the event. If you use any pre-made assets you must list them in the description of the game.
  • All games submitted must be digital games that can be played on Web, Windows, Linux, or Mac.


  • The games will be rated by devs who participated in the jam
  • Overall: Your general impression of the game as a whole
  • Gameplay: How did the game flow, did it have tight controls, what was your experience while playing
  • Theme: How well did the entry stick to the theme, did you like their interpretation of it
  • Aesthetics: How well does the game utilize its visual style and how appealing is it
  • Sound: How well does the music and sound contribute to the game


  • The developers that made the top 3 games will be made an announcement video that will be uploaded to the ScoreSpace YouTube.
  • Winners will receive a special discord role in the ScoreSpace discord server.
  • The top 3 devs also get their game played in the second part of the jam by streamers!


  • Be sure to join our discord to stay updated and ask any questions that you may have!
  • Stay updated on our twitter 

This is not 'Nam, it's game jams, and there are rules.
This is not 'Nam, it's game jams, and there are rules.

There is still time to sign up for this game jam. Head over to the ScoreSpace Jam #5 page to sign up and join their Discord for more information. In case you missed it, check out our winners from last month's Shacknews Jam: The Third. Be sure to keep it locked on ScoreSpace's Twitter page for updates as this weekend's jam progresses.


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