Will NHL 20 release on the PC platform?

Even if it's only a small group of people, some fans are wondering if there will be an NHL 20 release on PC.


It’s hard to say how big the market is for the NHL franchise to hit the PC platform, but there are gamers who would prefer to enjoy their annual video game puck time on their beastly gaming PCs and not their PS4 or Xbox One. Count me among those players, but will we get our wish? Will NHL 20 release on PC?

Will NHL 20 release on PC?

NHL 20 Will Not Release on PC

NHL 20 will not release on the PC platform, something confirmed to me by PR. While there’s no PC version coming, we do have the release dates for NHL 20, for PS4 and Xbox One. This should not come as a surprise since the appetite for NHL 20 on PC isn’t likely a big one. Sure, myself and few of my PC gaming friends would be into it, but whether it would be worth the effort for EA Canada to invest in a PC port is something only they currently know.

My desire for a PC version of NHL 20 comes from last year’s Madden releasing on PC, something that made folks at Shacknews happy. It instantly gave me hope that the NHL series would follow that lead, but so far there’s been no indication that will happen.

If there’s one small victory for a PC gamer who is also a Leafs fan like me, it’s that Auston Matthews is the NHL 20 cover athlete. This is all good for a Leafs nut like me, since I get to enjoy Auston Matthews on the cover and the reactions of all the non-Leafs fans who won’t be able to stand it. It does make sense, though, since Toronto is the center of the hockey universe and Auston Matthews is the face of the franchise. Plus, given that Connor McDavid was the NHL 18 cover athlete, Matthews was only a matter of time.

While an NHL 20 release on PC isn’t happening, lots of games are coming to PC (and all other platforms) this year. Visit the video game release dates 2019 article for more information.

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