Fortnite patch notes v9.30 adds Prop Hunt to Creative

Find an object to turn into and hide from your friends in Fortnite's version of Prop Hunt.


Fortnite has another update which means more patch notes to read through. The patch this week is v9.30, which adds some stuff to Battle Royale, Creative, and fixes some bugs in the game.

Fortnite update v9.30

The Chug Splash is the headlining item this week and its focus is entirely on healing. This six-pack of drinks is a throwable item that instantly adds 20 health or shield to anyone it hits. Allies, enemies, and knocked players are all fair game with the Chug Splash, so aim carefully as you probably don’t want to heal enemies.

The weapon swap delay has been removed and applied to players that are carrying multiple shotguns. This was to address the slowdown to players that weren’t carrying any. However, if you’re the type of player that runs around with several shotguns equipped, you’ll still suffer the consequences of your actions!

A few items have also been vaulted, including the Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite. Nothing was unvaulted this week, which could be disappointing for some players out there.

There is also a new rotation of limited time modes, including:

  • Sniper Shootout Duos
  • Battle Royale Trios
  • Solid Gold Squads

As for Creative, probably the biggest addition Fortnite has borrowed from another game is being added: Prop Hunt! Called Prop-O-Matic in Fortnite, this game mode allows you to turn into a prop and hide from your opponents. You can use this in-game tool to create your own Prop Hunt games to play with your friends.

There are also two new islands coming to Creative, which should offer some exciting new options for those with a creative flair.

Head over to the Epic Games site for the complete v9.30 patch notes. There are tonnes of fixes and improvements as well as gameplay tweaks to read.

Be sure to check out the Shacknews Fortnite page for the latest guides, including where to find all the Fortbytes for this season’s Battle Pass.

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