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Risk of Rain 2 new character Rex revealed by Hopoo Games

Hopoo Games has formally revealed Rex, a new Risk of Rain 2 character that blends organics and robotics into a hybrid robot/plant survivor.


The crew over at Hopoo Games are still building toward the full release of Risk of Rain 2, and the latest in that plan involves unveiling a brand new survivor. The new character in Risk of Rain 2 is Rex, a plant/robot hybrid that represents a pretty significant departure from the other survivors featured in the game so far.

The latest Risk of Rain 2 new character was revealed in an E3 2019 exclusive video from IGN. Within, the developers give players their first look the upcoming Scorched Acres update, the likes of which notably includes the reveal of Rex, an unusual new character that's able to use powers based around its organic and robotic components.

As can be seen in the video, and just like every other character featured in Risk of Rain 2, Rex has four different abilities at his disposal. While we don't yet have the names of the abilities, we do at least know how they will work:

  • M1: Rex's primary ability fires off three dart-like projectiles toward enemies. If the third dart makes contact, Rex is healed.
  • M2: Rex's secondary ability fires off a mortar-like projectile toward the current cursor location at the expense of his own HP.
  • Shift: Rex's utility ability acts as something of a "force cannon," or a kinetic force that knocks back enemies. In creating this ability, the developers are also implementing code that allows for damage to be dealt when pushed against walls, meaning Rex can take out foes by blasting them against structures.
  • R: Rex's final ability shoots a seed into the ground that sprouts into a plant which will then root out and seize nearby enemies. In addition, every enemy captured by the ability will heal Rex, with the effect increasing as more enemies are ensnared.

Unlike the other characters featured in the game so far, the process of unlocking Rex requires completion of a distinct mission that hasn't yet been released. The team hasn't provided more details beyond that, but we can certainly expect to hear more about how Rex will be unlocked as we get closer to the release of the Scorched Acres update. Until then, players can stay fresh on the game by checking out Shacknews' collection of Risk of Rain 2 guides.

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