Darksiders Genesis is Darksiders with a little Diablo mixed in

Strife plays like a twin-stick shooter while War feels exactly like the original.


Darksiders Genesis rounds out the Darksider line-up by allowing players to play as Strife for the first time. Shacknews had the pleasure of speaking with Joe Maduerira, Creative Director of Darksiders Genesis, about creating a new style of Darksiders.

In Darksiders Genesis, players take on the role of Strife, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, for the first time in the series. Unlike the other titles, it’s not a singleplayer affair. Two players can team for a co-operative experience with one player using Strife and the other using War.

War isn’t just limited to the co-op mode either, as he can be swapped to on the fly in singleplayer. This will be used to great effect as Strife’s combat style is primarily ranged, while War’s combat has been taken from the original Darksiders, making him immediately familiar to long-time fans.

What’s immediately obvious with Darksiders Genesis is the change with the camera perspective. Instead of being a third-person adventure, the camera is locked to a Diablo-esque isometric view. But this is still a Darksiders game. Maduerira was quick to assuage any fears that the game has departed from its roots. Players can expect to find Darksiders at the heart of the experience, including the various means of traversal (wall climbing, ledge grabbing, and swinging) as well as the combat and secrets.

Maduerira also mentioned that Darksiders Genesis would have ability and skill trees, and although the combat feels arcadey, a depth and complexity remain. War will feel much the same as the original and Strife feels like a twin-stick shooter.

In terms of the level and mission design, there is replay value there as players will unlock abilities and key items later in the game that are used in the beginning. There are also secrets to be found and something Maduerira calls “Trickster Doors” that require keys to unlock and have some kind of unique effect.

Darksiders Genesis is due out later this year on Xbox One, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. For more news and interviews from E3 2019, head over to the GamerHubTV YouTube channel.

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    Sam Chandler posted a new article, Darksiders Genesis is Darksiders with a little Diablo mixed in

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      June 12, 2019 2:17 PM

      Another game that pleasantly surprised me at e3! Really happy to have Joe Mad back in the mix and his studio is extremely competent at smaller scale games. Battle Chasers was a lot of fun! Anyway, after the disappointing Darksiders 3, I'm happy to see them take a new direction with this one. Can't wait!

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      Wow they really don't get why people liked that series huh?

      Can we just forget there's anything but the first one?

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