Terraria Journey's End expansion revealed at E3 2019

The E3 2019 PC Gaming Show gave players their very first look at Terraria's upcoming Journey's End expansion.


Fresh content is coming to Terraria in the form of an all-new expansion. Detailed in a very brief video teaser featured in the E3 2019 PC Gaming Showcase, we now know that the upcoming Terraria expansion is called Journey's End.

Our first details of the new expansion come by way of PC Gamer, hosts of this year's PC Gaming Show. Journey's End is the fourth major update to land in Terraria, and is apparently quite an enormous expansion, "revisiting just about everything in the game" and introducing over 800 new items.

As is usually the case with game expansions, there are also plans to introduce new enemies, new challenges, new craftable items, and even new biomes made in Journey's End, the likes of which are possible thanks an updated world generation system. The developers have even seen it fit to throw in a new bestiary, which will help players survive by allowing them learn more about enemy weaknesses.

Beyond all this, players may well be most interested in the game's new Master Mode difficulty. As if Terraria wasn't hard enough, Master Mode turns the challenge up to 11, rips the knobs off, and jettisons the knob into the sun. Don't say you haven't been warned.

We're still waiting to hear a formal release date for the Terraria Journey's End expansion, but rest assured that Shacknews will be on the scene when new information becomes available. Until then, stay on top of recent and upcoming game launches by heading over to Shacknews' 2019 video game release date schedule.

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