Battlefield 5's new maps shown off at EA Play 2019

EA gave a new glimpse at content from Defy the Odds, as well as a look at concept art for the anticipated Pacific Theater release later this fall.


During this year’s edition of the EA Play event ahead of E3 2019, Battlefield 5 took center stage for a thirty-minute session showing off the content planned for release throughout the year and the first ever look at concept art for the Pacific Theater, expected to arrive later this fall.

Last week, EA and DICE officially took the wraps off the next chapter in the Tides of War, Defy the Odds. This update will include new maps, new modes, new weapons, and various cosmetics. The new maps are the star of Defying the Odds, including two new maps for the close quarters mode. These maps, known as Provence and Lofoten Islands, shrink the scale of typical Battlefield engagements to something more intimate, highlighting squad gameplay.

Marita is a new map is similar to the recently released Mercury map and round out the experience players will have across the Greek landscape. Both of these maps will likely be joined up to form a Grand Operation. Another new map is Al Sudan, a desert map from the North African theater that was featured in the War Stories mode chapter entitled Under No Flag. The development team promises a large, open landscape designed for massive vehicle battles.

The new map Al Sundan should offer loads of space for epic vehicle battles.
The new map Al Sundan should offer loads of space for epic vehicle battles.

Fans of Operation Metro will be happy to see that DICE is bring another meat grinder map known as Operation Underground. It is expected that this map will offer players a non-stop session of death and destruction in extremely close quarters. It should be perfect for player who are looking to rack up kills in a short time span.

The EA Play 2019 presentation did offer a few snippets of footage of the new maps and ended with a glimpse at some concept art for the Pacific Theater which is expected to release later this fall.

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