New maps, modes, and more revealed for Battlefield 5

The Tides of War continue with the impending release of Defying the Odds, the newest content release campaign for Battlefield 5.


EA and DICE sent Battlefield 5 out into the world back in November following a short delay from its original release date. Some fans of the series felt that the amount of content available with the base game was less than ideal and with EA confirming that there would be no piad map packs for the game, it was unclear what kind of post-launch support the game would receive. Following the release of Firestorm mode and last month’s Mercury map, the team at DICE have revealed the summer content roadmap for Battlefield 5. Bringing new maps, modes, and more, the latest Tides of War chapter, Defying the Odds, aims to bring players back to the game.

First up on the Defying the Odds roadmap for Battlefield 5’s summer content drip is a new map called Al Sudan, a desert map from the North African theater that was featured in the War Stories mode chapter entitled Under No Flag. The development team promises a large, open landscape designed for massive vehicle battles. In July, players can expect a new map for the Greek theater called Marita. A companion to the recently released Mercury map, Marita will likely be used to build a Greek campaign for Grand Operations mode.

When August rolls around, fans can expect a pair of new maps designed for the close quarters mode. Provence and Lofoten Islands will offer smaller scale battles and tight quarters. Lofoten Islands appears to make use of a portion of the map from Firestorm. Along with the new maps, players can expect new weapons for each of the four classes, as well as new cosmetics and achievements.

Towards the end of the trailer posted above, content for Fall of 2019 is teased by way of revealing the first look at action in the Pacific theater of World War 2. Viewers of the trailer may also notice the logo for DICE LA early on, indicating that the studio may be heavily involved as part of the live team for Battlefield 5’s post launch development. Years ago, DICE handed off work for Battlefield 4 over to Visceral Games (RIP), resulting in many improvements and new bits of content.

You can get all the details on Defying the Odds over at the official website.

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