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All weapons and upgrades in Void Bastards

All weapons, firearms, indirect equipment, devices, and passive upgrades in Void Bastards, in table form!


There are dozens of weapons and items to upgrade in Void Bastards. With so much variety, it can be hard to know where to start and what lies ahead. Thankfully, we’ve done a lot of the leg work and have a complete list of all the weapons and upgrades you can hope to craft in Void Bastards.

All weapons and upgrades

Void Bastards all weapons
There are a lot of weapons and devices to craft and upgrade in Void Bastards.

There are so many weapons to craft, upgrades to perform, and abilities to build, and without an idea of where certain tools end up, it can seem like going down a rabbit hole. Use the following tables to work out what items you might like to start building or upgrading as you explore the Sargasso nebula.


Firearms are your bread and butter in Void Bastards. Though there are only five weapons, each one has multiple upgrades increasing its power, fire rate, or how it handles. It's a good idea to craft every single weapon and the Hunter parts so that if you're ever without ammo for one gun, you can use another. However, for the early game, you will likely be relying on the Regulator, so make sure you know how to get more bullets!

Firearms Upgrade Effect Upgrade Cost
Regulator Unlocked at the start of the game
Hefty Regulator Increases damage by 33% Metal Tube
Swift Regulator Increase rate of fire by 50%

Colon Irrigator
Whizz Rocks

Legislator Increases damage by 75% Chain
Pneum Tube
Bullet Hunter Bullets can be found in Hab modules Magnifying Glass
Stapler Fires a shredding blast of 6 staples FTL Nozzle
Senior Stapler Fires 2 more staples Spanner
Med Blower
Head Stapler Decreases spread and increases damage by 50% Slag Melter
Metal Tube
Staple Hunter Staples can be found in XON theatres Surgery 4 Dummies
Toaster Charges up to fire a burst of polarised light. Passes through enemies and windows. Nutri Tray
Roaster Doubles damage and charges 25% faster Body Fluid
Skin Tape
Toast Hunter Toaster juice can be found in Otori Warp Modules The Art of Warp
Riveter Fires a hail of rivets Drill
Riveter Pro Doubles damage and decreases kickback Chain
Rivet Hunter Rivets can be recovered from bots and gunpoints Slag melter
Nebulator Launches a ball of explosive nebula gas Pneum Tube
Uberlator Doubles damage and halves reload time Slop Can
The Art of Warp
Nebula Hunter Nebulator tubes can occasionally be recovered from citizens Bio Scalpel
Slop Can


The Indirect weapons are still weapons, but you don't have as much control over them. Most of these are best described as bombs or poison darts. Out of all available Indirect items, the Spiker is arguably one of the best ones to craft and upgrade. The Spiker will keep you hidden and will slowly chip away an citizen's health until they die.

Indirect Upgrade Effect Upgrade Cost
Fastwhacker Increases damage by 25% and halves arming time Metal Tube
XTC Stim
Boomwhacker Triples damage Atomic Clock
Juve's Cookbook
Trap Hunter Bushwhackers can be found in Krell holds Juve's Cookbook
Spiker Silently fires toxic spikes. Doesn't alert enemies. Med Blower
Germspiker Doubles toxic damage speed and total damage Ion Bru
Surgery 4 Dummies
Virspiker Doubles toxic damage speed and total damage Poly Sheath
Distended Testicle
Spike Hunter Spikes can be found in Lux suites Transit Regs
Banger It bounces, it rolls, it explodes and kills people Compressor
Big Banger Triples damage PAC Handbook
Cool Pops
Explosive Hunter Bangers can be found in WCG tombs WCG Policy
Magnifying Glass
Clusterflack Releases a chained cluster of bombs Detonator
Clusterfluck Drastically reduces arming time and triples damage Hand Set
Whizz Rocks
Bomb Hunter Clusterflacks can be recovered from tourists Recyc Sac
Lint Brush
Rad Spiker Fires spikes that emit a radioactive cloud Lumstik
Glow Spiker Doubles damage rate Rad Shield
Rad Hunter Rad Spikes can be found in PAC NUC bays Bio Scalpel
PAC Handbook


The Device items in Void Bastards are all about utility. These items affect the world in some manner (except the Kittybot, which is just a bomb). The Zapper is undeniably the best Device in the game, as it's able to stun every single citizen and computer-controlled entity in the game. With enough ammo, you can feasibly clear entire ships without ever actually killing a citizen.

Device Upgrade Effect Upgrade Cost
Zapper Stuns target. Super effective against mechanical foes XTC Stim
Cow Zapper Doubles damage and stun duration Lint Brush
Duct tape
Herd Zapper Arcs to 3 nearby targets Laminator
Body Fluid
Zap Hunter Zap Charges can be found in generators Wiring Diagram
Kittybot Distracting robotic cat that explodes when destroyed Control Collar
Unstable Kitty Releases Clusterflak bombs on death Juve's Cookbook
Duct Tape
Kitty Hunter Robo kitties can be found in CNT client services Robo Manual
Mouse Ball
Rifter Rifts targets out of the world to be returned on demand Warp Sphere
Rift Hunter Rifter Nuclei can be found in FTL drives The Art of Warp
Kraut Can
Bouncer Reflects projectiles and blocks explosions Distended Testicle
Zec Hunter Bouncer goop can be recovered from Zecs Recyc Sac
Surgery 4 Dummies
Scrambler Brainwashes citizens into allies Magnetron
Scram Hunter Scrambler eggs can be recovered from Spooks Poly Sheath
Warp Sphere

Ship Interactions

The Ship Interaction upgrades are certainly a bit odd, and not entirely useful at the start of the game. However, as you progress into Void Bastards' mid-game, being able to quickly lock doors or get a free authorization can be helpful. Maybe save crafting these until last or when other upgrades are so far off.

Ship Interactions Upgrade Effect Upgrade Cost
Gunpoint MGR Authority to override gunpoints Transit Regs
V.P. Gunpoints Faster and cheaper gunpoint override authorisation Robo Manual
WCG Policy
Merit Badge 10% chance of an instant free authorization Form T82B
Merit Garter Additional 10% chance of an instant free authorization Skin Tape
Wiring Diagram
Door Manager Super fast door locking and unlocking Mouse Ball
Secbot Manager Authority to override secbots WCG Policy
V.P. of Bots Faster and cheaper secbot override authorisation Ink
Circular 983 AR
Gargo Manager Cheaper and faster locked container authorization Circular 983 AR
Transit Regs
Term Manager Faster and cheaper authorisation of additional terminal functionality Circular 983 AR


The Passives will be some of the greatest assets in Void Bastards. These will help you across all areas of the game. From the start, you should be aiming to upgrade the Padded Jacket as far as possible, as the more health you have, the less you need to worry about finding food. Similarly, the Heart Starter and its upgrades ensure you don't need to worry too much about healing in Void Bastards. Finally, definitely try and unlock the Subsidy items as soon as you can, as improving a new client's starting supplies is always helpful.

Passives Upgrade Effect Upgrade Cost
Trainers Decreases oil slip time by 50%
Air Freshener Decreases garbage nausea time by 50% Cool Pops
Ion Bru
Rad Cream Decreases radiation damage by 50% Water Based Lube
Magnifying Glass
Asbestos Jacket Decreases fire damage by 50% Lint Brush
Colon Irrigator
Part Locator Guides you to vessels containing parts needed to build a selected item Glow Bulb
Fuel Scavenger 25% of jumps don't consume fuel Latex Seal
Rebreather Increases oxygen supply by 50% Compressor
Restraint Pad
Re-Rebreather Increases oxygen supply by 33% more Pneum Tube
Whizz Rocks
Disassembler 5% chance of scavenging bonus junk from containers Spanner
Latex Seal
Decompiler Better bonus junk Crowbar
Deconstructor Even better bonus junk Screwshifter
Demoleculator The best bonus junk Bio Scalpel
Padded Jacket Adds 200 health Restraint Pad
Flak Vest Adds 250 health Nutri Tray
Restraint Pad
Carapace Adds 350 health Kraut Kan
Nutri Tray
Lead Carapace Adds 500 health Rad Shield
Nutri Tray
Steel Carapce Adds 700 health CNT Stamp
Rad Shield
Ammo Subsidy Clients receive 50% more ammo in their care packages Form T82B
Travel Subsidy Clients receive 3 fuel and 3 food in their care packages Duct Tape
Travel Rort Clients receive 4 fuel and 4 food in their care packages Kraut Kan
ID Card
Heart Starter Provides a Heart Starter to revive from death Surgery 4 Dummies
Control Collar
QI Starter Provides two Heart Starters to revive from death Distended Testicle
Whizz Rocks
Colon Cleanser Recover 50% more health each day Ion Bru

There are a lot of weapons and upgrades to unlock in Void Bastards. Because there are so many, it can certainly take a while to craft all the necessary parts. For this reason, the Parts Locator is by far the best item to craft as soon as you can. Keep it locked to Shacknews for more Void Bastards guides!

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