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Where to find food in Void Bastards

Keep your client well-fed and healed up by finding and stocking up on food in Void Bastards.


Food is critical to survival in Void Bastards, which is why knowing where to find lots of it is important. Without food, you will be unable to heal your client, which can very quickly result in lost merits and losing any items on you while you’re looting a ship.

Where to find food

Food can be found in many of the places you would expect to find it, mainly, in cafeterias and mess halls. These areas typically have food sitting in containers that can be opened for free or opened for a small fee.

Void Bastards food
You can find food sitting just about anywhere in Void Bastards.

It’s also possible to find food sitting out on shelves or tables. These foodstuffs will be highlighted by sparkles floating up off the item, making it easier to spot them from a distance.

Another way you can increase your food supply is by crafting the Travel Subsidy. While this only affects newly rehydrated clients, it at least gets you off to a good start. The Travel Subsidy, and its upgrades, increases the amount of food you receive when starting a new client.

Void Bastards colon cleanser
Though not technically food, the Colon Cleanser allows you to use less food, which is a win. It increases the amount of health gained by using food.

While not technically a means of getting food, you can increase the effectiveness of the food you consume by crafting the Colon Cleanser. The Colon Cleanser allows you to recover 50% more health each day, which means you require less food in the first place.

Finally, you can also find food in the nebula. At first, each node will typically be a ship, but as you progress through the story, you will come across various supplies. You can find ammo crates, merit prizes (a great way to get more merits), as well as food containers. These food containers hold various amounts of food, so if it’s possible, landing on one is a good idea.

Running out of food isn’t ideal. Without food, every day or jump will reduce your health by a certain amount. Finding food is critical, so take the time to thoroughly search ships and stop at nodes that contain food crates. For more Void Bastards guides, keep it locked to Shacknews.

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