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Nintendo reveals Pokemon Go Plus + sleep tracking device

Nintendo's new Pokemon Go Plus + device is looking to combine all the functionality of previous models and add Pokemon Sleep support.


It looks like Nintendo and Pokemon have partnered once again to bring fans of the beloved pocket monsters a brand new interactive device. During today’s Pokemon 2019 Press Conference the two brands revealed the latest Pokemon Go device, the Pokemon Go Plus +. The new device is an upgraded version of the Pokemon Go Plus that adds new functionality for the recently announced Pokemon Sleep.

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The Pokemon Go Plus + will let players carry around their Pokemon and take them for a stroll just like the old device, but it will also allow them to take their favorite furry friend to bed for a virtual snuggle. 

According to today's livestreamed conference, when Pokemon Go Plus + is put on a bed and used in tandem with Pokemon Sleep it will track simple information while people sleep with its built-in accelerometer. That information will then be sent to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Both companies are hoping to combine sleep tracking features and time spent walking into something more enriching for players everywhere. No more details were provided about the new device or when it would be available. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with more breaking news from the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference.

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