Pokemon Sleep revealed at press conference, coming in 2020

Today's Pokemon Press Conference in Japan brought news of new Pokemon games, including Pokemon Sleep, which is set to release sometime in 2020.


When Niantic Labs released Pokemon Go on mobile, the game managed to do what many had failed to do, get people up and moving. Since Pokemon Go’s release, people have walked countless miles as they’ve searched for Pokemon all around their towns, and the areas surrounding their homes. Now, though, The Pokemon Company is looking to take things a step further with Pokemon Sleep.

There’s no real information about what Pokemon Sleep is just yet, but The Pokemon Company hopes to make sleeping and resting properly as enticing as Niantic Labs has made walking with Pokemon Go. According to Tsunekazu Ishihara, the President of The Pokemon Company Pokemon Sleep will reward players for getting enough sleep. They believe that this will allow users to live a more enriched life. Essentially, The Pokemon Company wants to turn sleep into entertainment.

The Pokemon Go Plus + will help enrich users' lives with Pokemon Sleep.
The Pokemon Go Plus + will help enrich users' lives with Pokemon Sleep.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the developments of Pokemon Sleep. In fact, Ishihara also touched on the fact that the company will be working closely with Niantic Labs to make sleep an important factor in Pokemon Go as well. Together, the two companies believe that they can change the way that people think about sleep by making it more entertaining and enticing.

To help support Pokemon Sleep, The Pokemon Company also revealed a brand new device from Nintendo called the Pokemon Go Plus +. Like the original Pokemon Go Plus, the new device will continue to track the users movements, as well as track their sleep using a built in accelerometer. The device itself will launch sometime in 2020, though no official release date has been made known just yet. For more news about Pokemon, be sure to return to our Pokemon hub, and make sure to follow Shacknews on Twitter to keep up to date with all our latest coverage and news.

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