Skull and Bones delayed; will not appear at E3 2019

Ubisoft's upcoming open-world naval adventure has been delayed, and the company will not be providing more updates on it at E3 2019.


It's been an involved development process for Skull and Bones so far, but Ubisoft is committed to making sure the game is as good as it could possibly be. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that deadlines have to be moved around, and that's just what has happened. Taking to Twitter, Ubisoft has revealed that Skull and Bones is being delayed, and because of that, the studio won't be showcasing the game at E3 2019.

The news is likely to sting a bit, especially for players who aren't totally thrilled with games such as Sea of Thieves. It's all for the greater good, though, as the team has stated intentions to focus on quality as opposed to moving out a product that must be updated many times before offering a compelling user experience. Sound familiar?

Ubisoft doesn't want to leave it there, however. The developers are still working on Skull and Bones, and players can get an inside look at some of the development process in the Twitter video embed featured above. Framed as "a message to our community," the video addresses concerns over progress, thanks fans for their dedication and support, and gives players a few glimpses of the developers working both in the studio and out on boats.

It's worth clarifying that while Skull and Bones will not be appearing at E3 2019, Ubisoft will be. Unlike other developers who have abandoned E3 in favor of doing their own unique events and promotions, Ubisoft has a slot in the E3 2019 schedule, with a keynote presentation kicking off Monday, June 10 at 1 p.m. Pacific time. We don't expect any news about Skull and Bones whatsoever, but the keynote will likely be the spot where Ubisoft will talk more about its upcoming (and as-yet unnamed) triple-A releases.

Skull and Bones being delayed is a drag, but if a little extra time is needed to make the game that much better, we're inclined to think players won't mind. Learn more about Ubisoft's upcoming open-world naval adventure by heading over to Shacknews' Skull and Bones home page.

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